Welcoming Fall On Your Front Porch

Welcoming Fall On Your Front Porch

Easy front porch decorations for your home landscaping

One of the first things I do for decorating my front porch is to consider one to three colors for an autumn theme.  This year I decided on beige, white and green.  When you work within a color scheme, you can then shop for your fall decor with those colors in mind with ease, instead of feeling overwhelmed on what to buy.

The easiest front porch decor to start with is of course mums and pumpkins.  This year I chose to decorate with white mums only and dressed them up with a cute basket planter.

 basket planter for fall autumn mums

Here's my favorite places to purchase mums and pumpkins in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids area:

Bloomsbury Farms, Atkins Ia 

Bass Farms, Mt. Vernon Ia 

Wilson's Orchard, Iowa City Ia