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Welcome to our corner of expertise where the beauty of your outdoor space begins. With years of experience in seeding and sodding yards, we take pride in creating lush, green landscapes 

Laying Sod: The Instant Green Carpet

Laying sod is akin to unrolling a living carpet of grass. Sod, also known as turf, is pre-grown grass held together by a layer of roots and soil. It's a perfect solution for those seeking instant greenery without the waiting time of traditional seed planting. Our expert team carefully selects premium-quality sod, ensuring it is disease-free, weed-free, and ready to thrive in your soil.  We partner with local sod farms, including Sunbury Sod Farm, Wilton Ia.

Sourcing Premium Sod: The Foundation of Excellence

We start with sourcing the finest quality sod from trusted local sod farms. These farms cultivate specialized grass varieties under optimal conditions, ensuring disease-free, robust, and visually appealing sod rolls. The selection process is meticulous, guaranteeing that the sod we lay on your lawn is nothing short of exceptional.

Site Preparation For Sod

Before the sod arrives, our landscaping crew meticulously prepares your yard. This includes clearing debris, leveling the ground, and addressing any soil issues. Proper site preparation is the key to the sod's successful integration into your landscape.

Laying the Sod: Unrolling Nature's Carpet

The day of installation is a carefully orchestrated affair. Our skilled professionals unroll the sod rolls with precision, starting from one edge of your lawn and working their way methodically to the other. Each roll is laid closely against the previous one, ensuring seamless integration. This process is akin to giving your lawn an instant makeover, transforming it from bare soil to a vibrant, green oasis in a matter of hours

Pressing and Watering: Securing the Roots

After the sod is laid, our team uses heavy rollers to press the sod down. This ensures good soil-to-sod contact, essential for the roots to establish themselves in the new environment. Immediate and thorough watering follows, helping the sod settle and encouraging root growth. We provide you with detailed watering instructions to ensure the sod's successful adaptation to its new home.


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