Thirsty Earth Temporary Irrigation Systems

Thirsty Earth is a temporary watering solution for new seed, sod or turf that ensures accurate watering 

No more standing with hoses, moving sprinklers, or over or under watering—Thirsty Earth Systems delivers a simple watering solution for your temporary needs.

For contractors, homeowners or businesses that want:

  • Hands free, automatic watering
  • A simple way to ensure thriving landscaping
  • Nurtures immature seed, sod, plants or flowers
  • Accurate waterflow
  • Conserves overall water usage and money

About Thirsty Earth

Your landscaping—with its lush grass, robust trees, vivid green foliage and abundant flowers—should be the focal point of your property or home. To ensure a thriving landscape, you need a reliable watering solution that keeps your outdoor space well hydrated, but only when you need it. Thirsty Earth Temporary Irrigation Systems provides your new sod or seed, plants or flowers with the proper hydration it needs to take root and flourish.

How it works: Thirsty Earth Temporary Irrigation Systems is an above-ground sprinkler configuration, with up to eight watering zones, temporarily set-up to saturate your desired watering area. Directed by a portable timing unit, the sprinklers are customized to water on timed intervals that suit your property's needs.

Take A Peek:

Paul, owner of Hynek Landscaping & Co. and inventory of the Thirsty Earth Temporary Irrigation Systems, was featured in the Cedar Rapids Gazette discussing his Thirsty Earth.

Paul Hynek featured in Cedar Rapids Gazette talking about Temporary Lawn Irrigation


Thirsty Earth Temporary Irrigation

A one of a kind temporary irrigation unit that supplies water irrigation to hard to reach areas.

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