About Hynek Landscaping & Co

hynek landscaping is a family owned and operated landscape contract company in cedar rapids iowa


Phillip D. Hynek founded Hynek Farms with his two sons, four daughters, wife Cynthia, and only a shovel and a stock trailer.  After the farm crisis in the mid-1980s, Phillip made a transition from farming into the landscaping industry as a means to feed his family. Accustomed to working with his hands, and a passion for playing in the earth’s dirt, Phillip set out to provide the landscaping market with high quality service at a fair price.  Hynek Farms prided itself on its ability to please every customer through personalized service, hard work, and a high standard of excellence. “Hynek Farms grew because customers liked our hard work ethic and honesty,” states Phil. “When we built a wall, we built it to last.”

Since its inception in 1991, Hynek Farms has grown into Hynek Landscaping & Co., a full-service professional landscaping company serving Eastern Iowa in residential and commercial landscaping. Paul Hynek, the family’s youngest son, came back to join the family business after pursuing a wrestling career and degree in Mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa. Today, everyone one in the Hynek family still helps out in the family business and it continues to be a proud legacy for every family member.

Paul continues to operate the company on its founding principles: to provide each customer with high quality, personalized service at a fair price, which has attributed to the growth and success of Hynek Landscaping & Co.


Hynek Landscaping & Co. is committed to providing superior service, quality and expertise by being continually sensitive to every customer’s diverse needs, timeline and budget. As a professional staff of landscapers, we are continually educating ourselves on the newest skills and technologies to pass along to our customers.

Paul's personal commitment is simply, "I do every job like I was doing it for my own family.  Building everything to the highest possible standard and never cutting corners."