Outdoor Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Outdoor Valentine's Day Date Ideas


Creative Outdoor Date Ideas- Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are struggling to brainstorm some creative ideas on how to swoon your partner this holiday, have no fear! Your outdoor living experts here at Hynek Landscaping are coming back to you with more helpful tips on how to enjoy the refreshing outdoors with your loved ones this holiday! Nothing shouts "I LOVE YOU!" quite like planning ahead and surprising the ones you love with a special outing our date night planned. We understand that Valentine's Day can often times bring pressure or expectations that are overwhelming to live up to. That's why we are here with some fool proof ways to impress your loved ones while also enjoying the beauty that early spring in Iowa has to offer. 

Backyard movie night

If you are wanting to try something new this Love Day, we recommend ditching the stereotypical movie date to the theater. There's nothing wrong with this idea, it's actually quite the date night classic. However, if you really want to impress your love, we suggest an outdoor movie night under the stars! Set up can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like to make it. There's a reason that so many romantic movies include a date to the drive-in theater. There's just something so exciting about bundling up under the beautiful starry night sky and watching a favorite movie classic. 

To set up- Grab some cozy blankets and some of your favorite snacks. You can cuddle up on your patio furniture or create a comfy spot on the grass. We recommend adding a pop of magic and beauty with some battery operated twinkle lights. You can easily set up a movie on your laptop OR you can purchase one of these handy backyard movie projectors! Feel free to have a fire pit near by for some added warmth and the option to roast some delicious s'mores mid-movie! Some candles and fresh flowers can add a lovely touch to your romantic backyard date. 



Movie projector-



Twinkle lights-


Hike Day Date

Another lovely date day option would be to bundle up and head to Palisades for an afternoon hike! Palisades State Park has many beautiful views and it's such a great way to get outdoors for fresh air and a creative outing that's exciting and refreshing. 


For more information on hikes, maps and more visit the Palisades page here-


Dinner under the stars 

Our third and final recommendation for a special outdoor date night idea would be to ditch the usual dinner reservations at your go-to restaurant and instead, set up a romantic dinner for two outdoors. You can set up a lovely dinner party on your outdoor table or even forgo the chairs and set up dinner picnic style. All you need is some candles, delicious food, twinkle lights and a jazz music playlist. Your set up will be sure to wow your loved one and spark memories for years to come! 


However you decide to celebrate, we hope you enjoy the day with the ones that you love most and that you feel inspired to get outdoors for some creative adventures and refreshing beauty!